Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy one month Ross!

Yep, already, our baby boy is one month old t0day.
After we did school and daycare drop-off we ran by the dr's office to get a current weight (below). When we got home I decided to take a picture but it was obvious that he was hungry and tired because he did not want to be put down and this was all I was getting:
So... I fed him and laid him in his big boy crib for a nap - he slept for two and a half hours!!! I got SOOO much done around the house. Ross is really starting to do well in his crib.
When he woke up from his nap, he was much more cooperative. Here are two shots that I got of him right after he woke up. We might try to take pics in this same spot each month but no promises there - we might be lucky to remember to get a picture as it is.

Some information about Ross at one month:
weight - 9 lbs, 12.5 oz
height - 20.5 inches

Ross is one noisy baby! He grunts and makes noises more than any baby ever! He also "toots" A LOT. Some of them are like a man!
He still likes his pacifier. He doesn't have it all day long but definitely has a need to suck on it at times and it seems to work often. Both Reid and Ryan have learned how to give it to him and hold it in for a second until he gets going on it good as his first instinct is to spit it out. Ross has definitely started to put his fist in his mouth and trending more towards his thumb as well. I am betting that he is going to be our third thumb-sucker in a month's time.

Ross is also the most difficult baby to burp that I have ever met. We're lucky if we get one or two burps a feeding and then he still ends up spitting up quite a bit. We told Reid about the acid reflux problems that he had until 22 months old so he loves to ask us who holds the record for spitting up the most... It's obviously still Reid and we're hoping he holds that title. Hopefully we'll find the key to getting Ross to burp a bit better.
Ross is typically not a car seat fan but once we've driven a while he will usually fall asleep unless he is hungry. And if he has eaten his car seat almost always puts so much pressure on his tummy that he spits up... so it's quite the dilemna sometimes as to when to head out.
On weekdays we drop Reid off at 8:00, Ryan after that and then get back home at 9:00. We leave around 3:00/3:15 to pick Reid up, followed by Ryan. In the six hours that we have at home we have yet to establish much of a schedule as our days are always different... and they fly by VERY fast. We do errands, laundry, dishes, workouts, feedings, walks (and even did our first two mile run this week), and lunch dates with dad sometimes. I can assure you that a day at work never goes as fast as Ross and I's days at home. We're loving our time together and very sad that a month has flown by already. My work calls this "baby bonding" time... and I can tell you it has worked. Ross is quite a fan of mommy... and I'm pretty sure he's a keeper too :)

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