Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We had a long night last night, something had Ross' tummy upset so we were up for most of the night. I'm up this morning getting Reid fed and off to school... thankfully Russ took Ryan off to daycare at 7 for breakfast as he's usually full of energy (and sometimes piss and vinegar) in the a.m. I'm not sure I had it in me to deal with that this am.

So anyway, checking facebook and e-mail while Reid ate his breakfast and was delighted to see a preview of some of the newborn shots that my friend, Suzanne, took on Sunday of Ross. The shoot was pretty comical in the sense that our baby that ALWAYS sleeps wouldn't fall asleep and then when he did he managed to pee all over and then poop all over. Once we got him to sleep things went pretty smoothly. Ryan was hanging around "helping" and Suzanne had SO much patience with both boys... no wonder she has FOUR little ones.

Check out her website for more pics of Ross and pics of Reid and Ryan on 9/30 as well. She's officially launching her own business and she's going to do fantastic!


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suzanne said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. I really enjoy this "job"! Baby Ross was a joy:)