Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And... REID

Reid has had some major updates in the last couple of weeks. He had a big hockey camp and he started first grade!!

Last week Reid participated in a week long hockey camp. There were a handful of kids there that were his age but a good majority of the camp were older. He went Monday - Thursday from 8:30 - 3:30. They spent an hour on the ice in the morning and an hour on the ice in the afternoon. They played games and did some "dryland" workouts in the other time. I have to admit that the mom in me was pretty nervous that it was a bit much for him but he really liked it. I thought he'd be totally worn out after the first day but the minute he got home he went outside and played for quite a while. They got a smoothie one day at camp and he became officially addicted to Smoothie King, he even chose it over a milkshake one night.

On Friday, the camp had Big Game Friday. The parents got to watch the kids play a game in the afternoon. Reid looked SOOO little in his goalie gear among all of the other players. The first shot he took went in pretty easily. OUCH! Eventually Reid ended up facing two penalty shots... and stopped them both!! The game ended in a tie (un-coincidentally) and went to a shoot out. Reid faced a shot from a 10 year old and stopped it... his team won! All of the older kids kept jumping all over him and congratulating him. I thought they were going to tackle him.

Penalty shot...

Shootout shot...

Coach Ferschweiler handed out some grey hats for the MVPs of the game and Reid got one of them. He was so proud and happy... he sat in the chair in our living room holding it that afternoon!

Monday night was sneak a peek at Reid's school. He found out last Friday that he got Mrs. Welch for first grade and we got to go meet her, see his classroom, and drop off his school supplies. Reid was pretty indifferent about starting school and nervous about riding the bus for some reason. Mom is super thrilled that he got the teacher we were hoping for... organized, firm, best track record... woo hoo!! She had everything all organized, written out and planned for at sneak a peek - we were in and out of there in under 20 minutes!

Today was Reid's first day of first grade. They had a half day. We did our normal tradition (fourth year now) of going out for breakfast and of course Reid picked McDonald's pancakes and a LARGE orange juice. After breakfast I took Reid to school and left him in his classroom. After school I picked him up and he said he had a great day. He said they didn't learn anything today they just talked about what first grade would be like, etc. He came home with a folder that is LABELED (love me some labels!) with pockets for to school and to home. The folder has a calendar in it where they color each day on whether they were green, yellow, or red for behavior. He had a green day and said he was going to try and get a green day every day but that would be hard because they go to school for over 150 days. He said day 100 is going to be his favorite because they get to have a party.

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