Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A chocolate chip cookie night

Last night Reid had a goalie lesson and I stayed home with Ross and Ryan. You never know how an evening like that is going to turn out but we had a FABULOUS night. Ryan played around in our "big" tub while Ross had his bath and then he got out, put his jammies on and played with his silly bandz while I fed Ross oatmeal and a bottle and put him to bed. When Ross was down, Ryan and I looked at all of his silly bandz, read some books, and then looked at the Halloween catalog discussing what he was going to be for Halloween. Simple, quiet tasks... VERY out of character for Ryan. We had a really enjoyable night and about 20 minutes of nice, quiet one on one time.

Reid and Russ came home around 7:15 and Russ said that Reid had one of his best practices ever. He said he is really looking good and listened really well. After Reid had showered from daddy decided that we'd make some chocolate chip cookies to celebrate such a great evening.

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