Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer is here!

Feels like summer is in full swing now! We are trying something new for the summer. We have a college girl (Alyssa) coming to our house during the day rather than the boys going to their home day care. The boys are enjoying being home, playing with their toys, playing outside, and watching tv. As you can see by the attached picture - Alyssa is wearing them out! They are staying up a bit later than they usually do but they are having no trouble at all sleeping. With Ryan sleeping in he has decided that he doesn't need a nap any longer... not sure if that's working - he just can't quite make it. Last Friday night Ryan fell asleep on my lap before dinner (around 5:45 pm) and I ended up moving him to his bed around 7ish where he slept until Saturday morning at 7:30! They had played outside that day from 1:30 to 4:15.

The picture is from last night. He laid down in the middle of the living room floor and fell asleep around 4:45 and stayed there until a little after 6:00. And he still went to bed at 8:00 and slept through the night. They had played outside with Alyssa again and then daddy later in the afternoon in the sprinkler system as well.

This week is the boys' 2nd week with Alyssa and I think they are starting to get their groove. Reid is getting a bit older and testing his limits on attitude and talking back but we aren't crazy - we didn't hire any pushover :) Alyssa keeps them in line and the boys really love her. They ask every night if she's coming the next day. Saturday morning Ryan kept asking where Alyssa was.

We've got some fun things planned as the summer comes along too. As the water warms up there will be lots of pool days, they have some summer movie passes, they are meeting mom for lunch at Red Robin today... ah, the life of kids :)

I certainly can't complain either though. Russ and I are both enjoying the shorter drive, less hustle here and there, not waking the boys up in the morning.... it's a nice summer break for us too.

Ryan will be going back to Beth's on August 10th and Reid will be heading to kindergarten and before and after school. We already miss Beth but it helps knowing that there's a spot for Ryan to go back to. For now, I relax knowing that the boys are truly getting to appreciate everything that I remember from my summers growing up - sleeping in, playing at home, and going to the pool.

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