Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swimming Lesson Success

The boys had their final swimming lessons today (and parents get to go watch). I was so proud of both boys - they did a fabulous job. Both of them have a few skills to work on in their respective classes but for the most part they passed all of the skills. Reid is swimming on his own and getting much more comfortable in the water. He needs to work on being comfortable floating on his back and gain some confidence with his crawl stroke. Ryan tried all the skills and even went underwater several times. He sat on the edge of the pool playing with a bucket when it was not his turn and never fussed or whined to come sit with Alyssa and I even though we were in there. I've attached several pictures from their lesson.

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Mojavi said...

soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! by the way you look sooooo hot in your profile picture :)