Monday, August 17, 2009

All about our Reid-man

WOW... hard to believe our little "peanut" is almost six years old, a kindergartner and just getting so BIG! Reid started kindergarten last Friday. I don't know if him having went to preschool for two years caused us to be relaxed or what but neither Reid nor Russ and I had any jitters about him going off to kindergarten. He is at a new elementary school from where he attended pre-school but he was ready and we knew he would be fine. His teacher's name is Mrs Drescher and in his class are 13 boys and 9 girls. Caden and Ella, both neighbors, are in his class as well. First day drop off went just fine besides the fact that parents stuck around until 11:00 and mom was just not in the mood. It was hot, long, and ridiculous... but we won't harp on that too long ;) When I picked Reid up from school he said it was a good day but he wasn't super talkative about anything.

Today (Monday) his second day of school was a completely different story. He attended before and after school care for the first time today and he loved it. Honestly, I felt more guilty and nervous about this program than kindergarten because I know a lot of kids just get to go home after school, etc. This program and the convenience of it being in the school just works out better for our schedules. Well, it was a HIT! In the morning he ate breakfast and drank his juice with a kid from his class and after school he had a snack, played tag games, and then did a puzzle. He was super talkative about how much he liked it and wanted to do it every day. It also drew out more stories from his school day. It helped that it was raining and they watched a Clifford video for recess (you know Reid and his tv). He then told us about school, centers, lunch, etc.

His lunch story both cracked us up and made us proud. He had taken a big lunchable box for lunch. It had meat, cheese, crackers, apple sauce, vanilla wafers, and a bottle of kool-aid. The night before he had not eaten his dinner well and did not get a brownie like the rest of us so I put one in a ziploc bag and sent it in his lunch pail. Russ had joked around the night before and said, "You know he is going to eat that first." I said "I know, that's okay." Anyway, when I picked him up tonight he said that he liked his lunch but he got full and couldn't eat all the meat so he "punished himself" and didn't eat his brownie. Sure enough - it was still in his lunch pail!!! WOW, he certainly didn't get that from me - I would have eaten it!

In other proud parent moments of the week... Reid ran his first mile on Saturday in the 'Trot for Scott' fun run in Holton, KS. It was a benefit run for a local family that has been dealing with cancer for eight years now. Russ ran the mile run with him and said they only stopped to walk two times and for very short distances. They finished the run in 10:23... pretty darn good for a 5 year old! We were so proud of him!

Tonight Russ had night class and I was outside playing with the boys. Reid has been pretty hesitant to ride his bike since he learned without training wheels because he really struggles getting his balance and pushing off to start... but then does fine. Tonight he went out focused that he was going to ride his bike. He spent an hour practicing, riding, and working on starting himself. I didn't help him one time and he got really good at it by the end of the night. It's amazing what he can accomplish when he decides he's going to do something.

Reid has just been a ton of fun and also such a big boy lately. The stories would be too long to explain and would make no one laugh besides Russ and my family so just for their sake I'll make a brief mention of two other funny occurrences from the weekend in Holton this weekend:

* "None of these"... *Air Quotes*
* Judge my climbing... here's the signs :)
Trust me - he's a nut sometimes!

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Anonymous said...

"None of these" Makes me laugh still. But I can't wait to be a judge again but will need to be retaught the judging signs:)
Love Aunt Cheri