Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When is your due date?

I get this question a lot... my typical response is around Halloween because it's just easier to spit out. My ACTUAL due date according to Dr Peck is 11/2/09. I've had 10/22 in my mind for several weeks now, mostly because I'm a control freak :) Reid will be off school for parent teacher conferences so it would make it easy to plan a trip up to my mom's and give Russ and I a couple of days alone at the hospital with the baby without coordinating schedules, etc. Ryan was induced at 39 weeks and was 9 lbs, 9 oz so I thought I had a pretty good argument. I mentioned it to Dr Peck today and he said 10/22 would be 38 weeks and he would not do that. I told him I wasn't giving up yet, that I had good influence skills but he didn't seem like he was budging. He was open to inducing on 10/27 but no earlier. So, I'm hoping by now the baby owes me one and he'll just come on his own between 10/22 and 10/25. BUT... in case he doesn't cooperate, I'm working on my backup plans for Reid and Ryan coordinating so Reid does not have to miss school. Most likely we'll look for friends and neighbors to help with some evening entertainment for Reid, send Ryan to my mom's, and Russ will sleep nights at home with Reid and get him off to school. I guess it will work... darn it ;) Ultimately I just want to be home by 10/31 so I can watch the boys get ready to trick or treat, etc.

I also mentioned to Dr Peck that I need to go to Monroe, LA for work the week after next. He wasn't too thrilled with that idea. He's as conservative as doctors come and he does not like travel further than 2 hours from home in the third trimester. I assured him that it was a short trip, I'd be very careful, stay hydrated, and relax. He said if I made it home safely he wouldn't be mad at me. If I didn't, he would let everyone know that he advised against it. I really have to go for work so I'm just going to call it early evenings and take advantage of some quiet, restful time in my hotel room for two nights.

That's the update on my appt today. We also had Sneak a Peek for Reid's school tonight, TONS of kids but pretty exciting. Reid is very excited for school and doesn't seem to be nervous at all. The teacher commented that she was excited to have "at least one kid that isn't shy."... Boy is she going to learn - getting Reid to TALK is not going to be the problem :) I'll update on how the first day went sometime this weekend.

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Denise said...

When Reid was at Cella's this week I asked him if he had a good time shopping and if he got new school clothes. He said he got Handsome Clothes :-)