Thursday, August 6, 2009

Signs of improvement

Not that we've been really worried about #3 (yes, he is still without a real name), but we did get some good news today. As we go for our weekly sonogram they are measuring the blood flow in his cerebral artery to watch for anemia. His measurements went something like 0.81, 1.14, 1.17 and then today it was back lower. I don't remember what the measurement was but it was lower than 1.17. We had the woman dr in the office (whom we weren't previously impressed with) but she showed us the measurements and the trend and said that is a good sign. She said that the increase in numbers was probably while he had the virus and was getting closer to anemic and now he is showing signs of improvement. Russ asked if this would have any affect on him when he is born and she said that it would not. We have 6 more weeks of sonograms but expect that things will continue on this positive path.

We had full measurements two weeks ago and the report from the dr is now calling the kidneys in the "upper limits of normal." We will have those measurements again next Friday but continue to expect that all is well there as well.

So, it's been a bumpy road but we feel like it's smoothing out. We're in the third trimester now. The type A, planning side of me is starting to look at October 22nd for the date that we convince Dr Peck to induce on. We'll see how good my influence skills are :) I've got my to do list made of everything to get done in the next 10 weeks and we're starting to knock things off of it one by one. No last minute items at our house!

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