Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How my boys shop

So one of the many benefits of being blessed with boys is that they will usually wear whatever you give them to wear (at least mine always have). Sure, we have days where they want a football jersey or this or that... but more often than not I get out their clothes and they put them on. I have heard from several of my friends with girls that this is definitely not the case for them.

I'm quickly learning that boys shop a bit different than girls do too. We took Reid to buy new shoes for school last night. He was very excited to find some skechers that were extremely similar to a pair he used to have that he loved. Anyway, I grabbed the 12.5's and 13's not knowing exactly which size he would need. The 13 happened to be the display shoe so I grabbed it and the box that went with it. I put the 13 on one of his feet and the 12.5 on the other foot. When I opened the box for the 12.5 he quickly noticed that there was a comic book that came with the shoes.
He walked around and I asked him which felt more comfortable. His response... "the one that comes with the comic book." Of course! I explained to him that I didn't care which size he got, he could take the comic book home.

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