Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breakfast with Mr O

Last spring we bought a 'Breakfast with Mr. O' at Reid's school fundraiser night. He has been very excited for this opportunity and this morning was the day.

He woke up before it was time to get up and immediately mentioned it. I said that I was going to go pick out his clothes. He said to make sure and get something that HONORS Regency Place. I kind of chuckled and then got his RP t-shirt. Honors? Seriously, it's 6:30a.m. Anyway, I bought him 5 pair of jeans last week at the Gap and they are all too big so he has no jeans yet for this year and has only been wearing sweats and slicks. I look in his closet and find a pair of khakis that are 7 Slim that Scottie gave to us. I told him to try them. Thankfully, they fit! Reid says, "Is Scottie a skinny kid too?" I told him that he was. He says, "Oh, cool, we can be GIRTH twins." "What?"... He goes, you know "girth" like fat or skinny - I learned it in first grade... Oh, yeah, obviously! Who teaches my kid this crap?... he's going to be smarter than his mother by second grade.

Mr O said that he'd be at the house between 7:30 and 7:45. Caden came shortly after 7:15. His dad, Kevin, said that he was up several times during the night saying he couldn't sleep because he was so excited. Minutes later Ella showed up as well. Caden and Ella's families have been helping watch Reid in the mornings before school so we were happy to get to share this opportunity with them in an effort to thank them for all that they are doing for us.

Mr O arrived at 7:50 and after a couple of quick pictures, they were off for breakfast at McDonald's. I can't wait to hear how it all went... but here are the pictures:

Mr O is really one cool principal. I hope that we are lucky enough that he stays at Regency Place through all three of the boys' elementary school years. The kids just adore him! They certainly don't want to get in trouble to see him but they love any opportunity they get to do fun things with him!
Another quick story from this morning, I had panty hose on and Ryan asked me what I had on my feet. I told him that they were panty hose and women wore them with dresses. He asked me why I was wearing a dress and I told him I wanted to look pretty. I said "do I look pretty?" In true Ryan fashion he says "not really, only a little bit." Yep, my sweet Ryan, brutally honest as ever.
I should be blogging about Ryan's first soccer night today too - I'll summarize instead: crying, leg grabbing, screaming "I don't want to play soccer." Yep, it was a DISASTER... and all of this after he has been so excited for the last three weeks and doing nothing but talking about his 4 year old soccer. The most energetic, crazy kid ever has a bit of stage fright when it comes to playing with other kids. Stay tuned for the drama next week!

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