Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little backyard fun... and single parenting weekend


Thursday night was an absolutely gorgeous night and Russ had night class so the boys and I spent some time outside playing in the back yard. Ross loves his new toddler swing! Eventually I got tired of pushing him and we got out our little kangaroo climber and he was just all over the yard.

Ryan and Ross had some fun rolling the big blue ball around for a while too. Ryan was actually playing very nice with Ross.

Here Ross and I were playing peek a boo around his little climber.


A Boo...

After we played outside for a while we went inside so I could fix dinner. Ross found one of his usual cabinets to play in to keep him busy.

Thursday night kind of kicked off our weekend of mom being in charge. I didn't get a lot of pictures but we did have a pretty good (busy) weekend.

On Friday Russ left for his annual guys trip to Columbia, MO. He's done this the last couple of years with some of his old marine buddies. The last two years they have went up on Saturday morning and came home on Sunday. This year they went up after work on Friday.

Friday night after I picked up all three boys we had to get around for hockey practice. We managed to get to practice on time and I got Reid dressed just fine (*pats self on back*). I've done it enough now that I know what to do but adding in the extra tasks of keeping Ryan close and Ross sitting in the stroller slows us down a bit. Hockey Ross did go with me and helped watch the little two so I could get Reid dressed which helped a ton. Then, THANKFULLY, he stuck around to watch the practice. About midway through the practice a drill had gotten a bit out of sync. Skaters were supposed to be taking turns shooting at Reid but he ended up with three kids shooting at about the same time. He stopped one shot and then turned for another but took the third shot in the side of the neck. He leaned over and stood there for a minute before the coach noticed and then I could tell he was crying. He skated off the ice and hockey Ross took a look at it and talked to him for a bit. He was fine and after just a couple of minutes went back out and finished practice.

Saturday morning I had a scheduled 8 mile run for my upcoming half marathon. A friend of mine had volunteered to come over at 5:45 AM to watch the boys so I could go run... Seriously, who does that? I was SOOO grateful! I told the boys that mommy's friend Terrilyn was going to be there in the morning when they woke up and Ryan said "Oh, she's really cool." When I got back from running she said that all had went well - they had even slept in a little longer than I thought they would and Ryan and Ross had already eaten breakfast. Reid was just starting to get out of his bed. We got breakfast finished and boys dressed. I THOUGHT that hockey was at 11:40 am so we got around and left for the rink around 11. I got to the rink at 11:10 and looked at the board for locker room assignments. It said "11:00 MITES 3 - locker room 5." I immediately panicked! I told Reid that mom had made a mistake and his game was really at 11 and we needed to get dressed fast because his team was already on the ice. I gave Ryan a very stern warning that he needed to sit down and sit still while I got Reid dressed because we were late. I think Ryan could tell that I was not playing around because he did just that. I got Reid dressed faster than I ever have and took him over to the ice. As soon as there was a stop in the action I told him to skate across the ice to the bench. I noticed there was another goalie in the net but I figured that they had to put pads on someone since we weren't there yet. Then I got that weird feeling... you know, something just isn't right. I pulled out a card that lists all the players on our team and started looking at the names on the jerseys. It just wasn't clicking. Then I see the top of my card "MITES 2". CRAP! I just sent Reid to sit on the bench with the mites 3 team. I walk all the way around the rink to the bench to get him off the ice. The coach walks over and tells me nicely that he thinks he's on another team. I let him know that I'm all clued in now and do the walk of shame back around the ice. The mom of the other goalie comes up and tells me that she didn't know there were two goalies and we could work out a rotation. I inform her that I had the wrong time and we aren't on her team and walk away before she can laugh at me :) I check the schedule again and realize that Reid's game was at 12:10. Splendid! Reid says "so we aren't late?" I let him no that we aren't late and in fact we now have about 40 minutes until his game starts and we need to sit down so he doesn't get tired. We move his stuff into the correct locker room (7) and hang out waiting as his team arrives. I told Reid I was so sorry that it was such a crazy morning and I had his game times all wrong. Reid says "It's okay mom, taking care of three kids is a lot of work."... Man, I love that kid!

Eventually Reid gets to play with HIS team. By then Ryan and Ross were pretty done with being at the rink. Ryan threw one fit but eventually got over it and actually sat with me to watch the game. We had some popcorn and he talked to lots of people, behaving pretty well. Reid played awesome! I was very proud. Typically he loses focus, gets tired, or just can't play the entire game. He played this entire game with focus. You could tell that he was watching everything that went on, was disappointed when a goal got past him and was excited when he stopped shots. At one point he stopped a breakaway shot and another player got the rebound and shot again and Reid actually stopped the rebound shot and got it to a player on his team and they took it to the other end. The game was actually very exciting to watch. The end of the 1st period was 3-3. At the end of the 2nd period we were up like 6-3 (a shutout period!) and the end of the game was either 8-5 or 8-6. His first win of the season. Mites 2 is officially 1-0. (In other news, Mites 3 actually lost their game).

Once Reid's game was over it was 2pm and we'd been at the rink since 11! I had thought we would try and do the pumpkin patch that day but I was D-O-N-E! We went home and had lunch and put Ross down for a nap. I actually don't recall what we did while Ross napped. I know Reid did some reading but that's all I remember. After nap time I gave Reid the choice of going to Target to spend his birthday money or going to the park to play. We ended up going to the park and playing for quite a while. Reid played outside for almost 3 hours and eventually we came inside for a late dinner, good baths, and bedtime. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet of the house once the boys went to bed! I did the dishes, about 4 loads of laundry and read my book for a while. I still went to bed by 10:30 as I can't remember the last time that all three of the boys slept through the night. (Friday night Ryan had peed the bed and ended up sleeping in bed with me).

Sunday morning all three boys were up by 6:30 and we got our day started. We ended up going to target to spend Reid's birthday money (from hockey Ross, Aunt Cheri, and from a gift we had to return) and Russ was home by the time we got home. Reid had picked out a $60 Halo Mega Blocks set.

I had tried to coach Reid on the way home that dad might be tired and not want to build immediately but dad was up for the challenge. He sat down with Reid and immediately began opening the pieces and sorting to follow the 90 step book to build the massive toy. He worked on it for the next three hours and built the whole thing for Reid - what a dad!

While dad was building and Ross was napping, Reid, Ryan and I went outside to do a chore for Reid's boy scouts program. He helped me rake some leaves, trim the landscaping and pull weeds. We worked on it for over an hour and actually made some great progress.

Later that evening I thought the boys would have fun making caramel apples with me. Reid did not want to help at all and refused to even try the caramel. Ryan had fun helping me unwrap all of the caramels but didn't really want to help stir very much.

Apparently no one really wants to help me eat the caramel apples either because I have been eating them all this week... but they are good!

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