Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ross' First Birthday and the party that didn't happen

Ross got up several times during the night Friday night. I knew one time he felt really warm but I never got the thermometer out. Each time I just put him back to bed. When he woke up on Saturday morning he still felt really warm and I took his temp... 102 degrees. I gave him some Ibuprofen and it went down but it was back up even before the six hours was up. He was miserable. I told him that we were going to have to cancel his birthday party for the next day.

We stayed inside all day Saturday and Ross was pretty crabby most of the day. Luckily on Saturday night, he did sleep through the night. When he woke up Sunday morning he was fever free and in a pretty good mood... for a while. Luckily we got some pics of his 1st birthday outfit right when he got dressed because it didn't stay clean for long.

Ross really did not need anything for his birthday. He has all the common toys a one year old needs - coupe car, wagon, Tonka truck, Kangaroo Climber - you get my drift. He does really enjoy slides when we go to the park so his grandparents (Grandpa Steve, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Jerry, and Grandma Cella) went together and got him a new slide. I plan to keep the slide in the house during the winter and then take it out back next summer. It's a bit big for Ross to do by himself right now but big enough that he can share with his brothers too!

Ross says "wheeee" when he wants to go down the slide...

We still had a couple of visitors on Sunday even though the party was cancelled. Cheri, Scott, and Caits swung by for a while and had some lunch with us and gave Ross a toy and some money for his savings account - thanks Cashiers!!! In the afternoon Carol, Alyssa and Taylor Zimmerman swung by and gave Ross a set of keys with multiple buttons (noises and a flashlight) and a helicopter with four balls that has several activities on it. He loves them both... and so does Ryan. We have had to remind Ryan that they are Ross' toys. Thanks Zimmerman gals!! It was really nice to see you all again.

While the Zimmerman girls were there we decided to do Ross' birthday cake. Hockey Ross and our visiting hockey player, Tyler, were home also. We all sat around and watched Ross basically destroy his cake by playing in it... but I don't think he ever really took a bite of it.



That evening before bed all three boys actually played on the slide for about 20 minutes so I had to get some pics of it.

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