Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catching Up - Halloween

I know, I've gotten way behind on blogging lately but I do have a bunch of great excuses if anyone wants to hear them. I'm going to do a random blog here of everything that's been going on to get everyone caught up.

1. Halloween. The boys had a great Halloween! I wanted Halloween to come and be done with so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have but I did like that the boys had fun. Never again will I schedule a week long business trip for the day after Halloween!

Russ let the boys pick out pictures for the jack o lanterns so he certainly had a challenge but they had a good time and we got lots of compliments on our cool jack o' lanterns.

Reid was a white ninja (second costume I had to buy as the first was the "wrong" kind of cop. I bought a policeman uniform but he wanted to be a SWAT guy, thankfully it could be returned). Ryan was a fireman. He never wavered once after he decided that was what he wanted. The costume was a great quality and looked so cute on him. I've never "re-used" a costume but this is one I might actually save for Ross. Ross was a dalmation. The costume was a 2T but wasn't really that big and it was nice, fluffy and warm which came in handy Halloween night.

Oh, and Russ and I got in on a little of fun too - we went to an adult party on Saturday night. The party was a lot of fun and we had a great time! The boys had a fabulous time with their babysitter too. We had Trey, our daycare lady's son, watch the boys. They had a huge dart gun fight and the boys were still talking about it the next day. Male babysitters are the best when you have three rambuctious boys. And guess what - he cleaned up the toys/living room, dinner mess, read books and put all three in bed...

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