Friday, November 12, 2010


A HUGE thank you to Grandpa & Grandma Sharp and Grandpa & Grandma McDowell. Ross' birthday kind of came and went quickly with him being sick. I know I mentioned that he got a slide from his grandparents and my hope was to have it in the house over the winter to give the boys something to get some exercise on. So far, my hopes are being met completley. Our main living room looks like a toy store and book store collided at the moment (please excuse the mess) but the boys have really been playing hard. I wonder when I'll stop using that excuse - when the last one is 18? Anyway, Ross has now basically mastered getting up the slide and going down it without help. He still stumbles down the ladder here and there and it's much easier for him to do without pants on which is why he lost the jeans in the last few videos. But here are more videos than anyone but those grandparents will want to see...

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