Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Official!

We have a toddler! Ross is walking and taking steps now. Russ was home on Veteran's Day and our daycare was closed so he had Ryan and Ross with him. I got a text at work that said "My baby boy just up and walked 10 feet or so on his own." Even Hockey Ross was there and got to witness it... SO... I sat around for about 30 minutes longer wishing I was at home and then I left work. I had to run by Sam's club to grab some milk, gatorade, etc and by the time I got home he was down for a nap.

Eventually he showed off his new skill for me (video above) and he's been taking steps here and there since then. He usually attempts walking as his first means of travel and then when he loses his balance he finishes crawling to wherever he was trying to go.

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