Friday, October 22, 2010

Our attention seeking booger

Ross had his follow up ultrasound and appointment with the kidney clinic at Children's Mercy on Wednesday. This ultrasound wasn't quite as easy as his 6 month one. He laid still and chewed on his sock for about 5 minutes but the entire ultrasound took about 20 minutes... they took pictures of both of his kidneys on each side of his belly, through his back and then of his bladder. 20 minutes is a long time to ask a one year old to lay still. We played toys, distracted him with lights, tv, and everything we could think of and he did pretty good overall but I was sweating by the time they finished.

When the ultrasound was finished we hung out and played toys while the head ultrasound doctor reviewed the pictures. She was happy that we got all of the images that Dr Blowey would need and stated that her initial review was of "no change." (meaning that Ross' left kidney still showed some unilateral hydronephrosis.

We followed up with our appt with Dr Blowey a couple of hours later and he said that while hydronephrosis still existed he did believe that he saw some small improvement. Given that Ross has experienced no difficulties to date (knock on wood) we would continue with a monitoring approach. He will go back when he is two for the same scans and review. As long as he does not experience any kidney infections this will be our course of action until it corrects itself or they are comfortable that monitoring is not needed.

When we got home, Ross and dad practiced some trick or treating...

Ross missed his afternoon nap due to his appointments. He was a bit fussy during dinner time and very ready for bed by 6:00. We spent some time outside to keep him happy walking up and down our street and then put him in bed at 6:45. Reid came home from hockey around 8:00 and I sent him up to take a shower in the master bath. He misunderstood me and went to his usually shower spot - Ross' room. Russ went up to help Reid with his shower and found him in Ross' shower with the door open and Ross' bedroom overhead light and ceiling fan on. Did it wake Ross up? NOPE...

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