Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Down in the dumps

Because I can't think of a single person that wants to hear me whine... or a single person that I haven't already whined to... I decided my blog was the best place to turn.  It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to :)

So, what do I have to whine about?  I'm sick.... STILL!!!  I've been trying to hide it, deny it, fake it... but I just don't feel good. In bullet point recap form:

* I got sick Tuesday night last week and spent almost all night throwing up
* I spent ALL day Wednesday in my hotel room resting (in my world that's sufficient rest)
* I went to work Thursday and managed to make it through an 11 hour day in the office and little to no food (I tried plain noodles for lunch and some roll and broccoli for dinner).
* Friday I dealt with delayed planes and travel fun to get home at 2:00, pick up Ross, pick up Ryan, go pick up my first meal of the day (soup and bread - actually good) and then go to Ross' daycare Christmas program.
* Saturday morning I got up to run a 6 mile run with friends that I had planned.  I HAD to go - I had made up the course, invited a newbie, and planned a surprise trip to Starbucks at the end for Suzanne's birthday.  It was a major fail.  I had no energy, couldn't maintain conversation or the pace and bailed at mile 3.  I walked to Starbucks and met the girls when they were done.
* Saturday day I did 8 loads of laundry, went through the mail, cleaned the house, ran some errands, took Ryan and Reid to a birthday party at Power Play and then stayed up too late (11pm?) trying to chill
* Sunday we got up early (7a?) for Reid's hockey game followed by three grocery stores, Christmas shopping and errands.  I was gone for three hours BY MYSELF!  It was nice!!
* Monday morning I went to Dina's at 5:15a and still felt a little "off" but had a relatively decent workout... and she kicked our butts!!  I worked in the office that day and then attempted a dinner which failed, followed by a pizza delivery.
* I woke up today feeling many muscles aching (which usually feels great) but also with sinus drainage, a sore throat and overall bleh feelings.  I pulled myself together and met the girls for 4 miles of which I internally beat myself up for feeling like I was dragging a sleigh the entire run.
* Today I have declined as the day has went on - sore chest/lungs, feverish feel, sneezing and runny nose, tired!  Seriously closed my eyes and dozed for like 3 minutes ago at my desk!  I feel like I could sleep for 2 hours.

SOO... there is a point to that LONG recap.  I saw Russ at lunch today and he says I should take the week off from working out.  Last week I did Dina's on Monday and my 3 miles on Saturday... that's it!  So I kind of feel like I've already taken my week off from working out and should be better.  I HATE being sick.  While listed out the list above looks extensive, it's actually a very light week for me. I should have plenty of energy and I don't.

Opinions - week off this week too???  (I know, the only people that read this will agree with Russ... but whatever... we'll see)

And to end the blog with something more entertaining than me whining about not being able to get healthy... Here's a video from our advent activity on Thursday.  The boys did a scavenger hunt for clues with activities to get to the ending prize which was a huge candy cane full of something like 80 gumballs.  Ryan didn't want to participate but Reid and Ross did.  They had the mini saltines and I gave them 10 saltines each.  Reid won but Ross was pretty entertaining just shoving them in his mouth.

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