Friday, December 7, 2012

Ross' Christmas Program

Ross had his daycare Christmas program tonight.  After a week of sickness running through every family member except for Ross, we were starting to question whether or not he'd still be well by Friday to go to his concert.  Grandma decided not to chance it by making the trip and him either getting sick and not being able to participate... or just getting here and picking up our germs and getting sick herself.

Luckily, Ross stayed healthy and Ryan was healthy enough to be my date for the evening.  Russ was not feeling well and we decided it wouldn't hurt Reid to get some extra rest as well.  

Ross before his program

Ryan before the program

And the two before the program
I thought the program was extremely cute.  Ross came out on the stage as happy as could be and saw me pretty quickly and waved and said "hi mom."  I was afraid that he would want off the stage once he saw me but the music started up and he recognized it immediately and started his motions.  He knew them really well!

I tried to video most of it while also trying to "watch" so dad could see Ross perform:

After the program the kids got to go back on stage and see Santa Claus.  It was a pretty big herd of kids and Ross was SOOO short compared to a lot of them so I stood on the stage and watched him work his way to the front.  It took a while but he eventually made it and then stood there waiting his turn for his candy cane.  He did very well waiting patiently.

Ryan had stood in the same spot almost the entire time.  I told him to get up where Ross was and he looked at me like I was crazy and said "and just cut?"  It was a big swarm of kids and they were all heading up there to get their candy canes and Ryan just stood his place like it was a single file line.  He was literally third from last to get his candy cane but he stood there politely and waited.  Then he told Santa his name and what he wanted for Christmas.  He said markers, a container for his markers and an Xbox.

Finally Ryan's turn and he was SOOO happy.

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