Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Christmas Memories

In no particular order... a phone dump of some of the best memories.

1.  SNOW

We got just enough snow to give the boys a taste of playing in it but enough that it was melted off after a couple of days.  (Mom does NOT like snow)


The big guy swung by Gma & Gpa Sharp's on Christmas Eve.  Ross really liked him.  Ryan played shy and Reid "knew" it wasn't the real Santa so he wasn't interested in sitting on his lap.

Christmas morning - does it get any better than that?

A very happy boy.  Santa gifts - two xbox games and a Hunger Games movie

Santa got Ryan a new desk - he loves it!

And Ross got his new big boy car seat from Santa.  This is the face of a very happy boy!


Peanut Butter balls with dad

Sand Art - Ryan loves a project!


Cousins! Not the best of friends... YET... but both are so stinking cute.

Playing our electronics at grandmas and loving being together

Sister time!  Courtney and I snuck out to see a movie


This was supposed to be Ross' first appointment but he was under the weather and needed a nap so we kept him at home.  Reid and Ryan both got great reports from the dentist though!


We played hard most days, we started the break under the weather, and bedtimes were a little later... all those things combined brought the return of afternoon naps on most days... HALLELUJAH!!!!



(can't figure out how to add two more photos)... update later.


It was cold but I managed to get in a few 4 mile runs and a couple of treadmill runs.

My new Lululemon gear from Russ.  I LOVE it.  Ran 4 miles in it this morning.

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