Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy 3 months Baby Ross Jacob!

Baby Ross or BRJ as we've been calling him in texts lately turned 3 months old on Sunday. He is getting so big! Notice the scratches all over his eye.... he had actually went to bed at a decent time Saturday night (shortly after 8) and then he started screaming. I went in there and he had scratched his face and he got it GOOD! He was up and mad so I went ahead and trimmed all of his fingernails... which he HATED! There was no getting him back in bed after that.

We got him his exersaucer this weekend and he can sit in it and hold his head up high. He likes looking at the toys but can't quite reach them yet. He can't seem to get enough to eat before bed so we're thinking about starting some rice cereal sometime this month. He is starting to sleep better once he gets to bed. Most nights he only gets up one or two times and he has slept through the night a total of THREE times now. We're getting there!

Ross definitely recognizes mom, dad and his brothers now and rewards us all with toothless grins all the time. He's doing pretty good at daycare. He's seems to be getting into more of a schedule daily (you know the McDowell's - we like our schedule). Ross had his first babysitter Saturday morning and he didn't do as well. He was tired and fussed quite a bit for her but she's willing to try again next Saturday so hopefully he can make up for it!

Here are some pictures I took of Ross at Reid's hockey practice on Friday night. He was in a good mood and these pictures are better than his 3 month pictures I snapped on sunday since he boogered up his face :)

Here is Ross in his exersaucer. He's going to love it when he can reach those toys!

Here are a few of the other 3 month pictures I took:

And just for fun...

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