Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three and a half is a big step!

I think I've posted a lot about how difficult Ryan can be at times. I wanted to share some great things he has done lately.

First, Ryan had his first haircut in a LONG time where he did not throw a fit when it was time to cut his hair. His last three have been sitting on my lap. At his last haircut he kicked and
screamed like crazy. THIS week he went to get his haircut and I told him that he was three AND
a half now... so he couldn't sit on my lap and there was no whining. When it was his turn he started to whine and I said... "hey Ryan, tell Mike (the barber) that you are three and a half now." He suddenly remembered, came with me and got in the chair and then started talking to Mike a mile a minute. He talked during the entire haircut (of course) and never once got scared or had any trouble. I was SOO happy and proud of him.

Second, Ryan has never been interested in playing sports, trying anything, etc. I found an indoor soccer league that has parent/tot little kicker classes. He has been to two so far. He struggled with shyness at the first lesson but did the activities. He had a little shyness at the second as well but did much more interacting and talking. He's actually already asked me when he could play outdoor soccer... which is a HUGE step for him. He used to tell us he was just a "watcher" and didn't want to do anything.


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