Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Such a snuggly night

Ross has officially moved up to 3 - 6 month clothing for the most part and while I thought I was pretty set I hadn't really looked at what he had and needed specifically. The poor guy had ONE pair of pajamas in 3 - 6 months and almost no outfits that have feet in them. Apparently 3-6 months is when they start needing socks... and Ross has 6 pair. I went to a consignment shop over the weekend and got SEVEN outfits/pajamas for $19.00. I washed them up and put my favorite pair on him last night. They are long underwear material but also soft. He was in a cuddly mood and looked so darn cute in his "rock and roll" jammies that I had to snap some pictures. He cooperated well by crawling up the side of the chair and holding his head up high too. We had a fun 30 minutes together after the other two boys went to bed and he was in such a good mood - I wish I could have bottled that time up!

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Catherine said...

wow! so cute! love the outfit. miss you guys!