Wednesday, January 6, 2010

He's YOUR son...

I say this to Russ a lot when one of the boys does something silly, bad, etc... I'm always joking around that the boys are obviously his but not so sure if they are mine.

Tonight Russ brought home two Twinkies as a surprise for the boys. Neither of the boys knew what a twinkie was so he told them... it's like a cupcake with a creme filling in it. Reid thought it sounded gross and said he didn't want it... Ryan said "I'll eat yours!"

Today at daycare one of the kids (Jack) brought Rice Krispy treats. Beth put the treats on the kids' lunch plates. One of them asked Beth if they had to eat it last and she told them that they could eat it whenever they wanted. All of the kids saved it and ate it last... except Ryan - he ate his first. Jake, one of the kids at daycare took a bite and didn't like it and told Beth he didn't want his. Ryan said "I'll eat his!" She let him and he did.

Yep, it's confirmed... Ryan is MY son!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I cant believe he didnt want the Twinkie. Love the stories.