Friday, January 1, 2010


We didn't plan to go out for New Years Eve this year so we centered most of our celebration/partying around the Missouri bowl game. I made some snacks, we ALL had on our Missouri clothes and we watched the game together.
Here are the boys (minus Ryan) posing in their black and gold. Ryan was in one of those moods where he wasn't going to cooperate for pictures.

Mom had to get in on the fun too - so here is one of the famous hold your arm out real far and take the picture yourself shots - took me a couple attempts to get us all in it.
This shot is great for two purposes. Documents that Ryan was in fact there and in his black and gold and it's a great shot of Ross talking with daddy and sticking his tongue out - which he likes to do a lot.
Ross intent on watching his tigers!
The second half was not quite as fun so Ross decided he'd rather sleep so dad was playing around making his bored face as well!

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