Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FIVE months old already...

I didn't get a decent pic of Ross this morning but I decided I'll share what I did get. We were running VERY late this morning.

THIS is the best shot I did get, the camera just wasn't focusing right this morning. So, of course, when I do get a good shot I cut his head off :( It didn't help that Ryan was insisting on sitting on my lap to help take the pictures.
Here's what most of the pics look like from this morning :( But this is the one I'll use that shows his full body so I can compare his size from month to month (unless I happen to remember to get some better shots tonight).
So, what has baby Ross been up to you ask. A whole lot of this:
Ross has been the happiest little guy the last week. He is ALL smiles most of the time.
Ross has been eating really well! He has now had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and sweet peas. Last night was his first night of sweet peas. He made a crazy face the first couple of bites but then he decided that he liked them and ate the whole 2.5 oz jar of baby food.
I wish I could say he was doing so well at sleeping. He had gone a couple of nights where he only got up once a night - and mommy could definitely handle that! The last two nights he has gotten up three times. He is going to bed much earlier now - between 7 and 8... but not sleeping as long as he had been. I think we are going to try his baby food at dinner and then maybe some cereal right at bedtime and see if that helps the little guy. I also turned the baby monitor completely off. His room is right outside of our room so I know I will hear him. But I'm hoping that if he isn't crying much then maybe he can get himself back to sleep if mommy isn't coming running at every peep - which I know that I do.
Ross' bug outfit up above is from my BFF in DC. I thought it was so cute that I made sure to save it for his special day today. Thanks Cath!

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