Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's up Doc...

Ross has not been eating his cereal as well lately as he had been. He got into blowing raspberries every time I put the spoon to his lips so I thought I would give him a taste of something else. Our pediatrician had said that Ross could start some vegetables as soon as we wanted. We are sticking with one vegetable for at least four days and then staying with the same color group for several vegetables. So... up first... ORANGE!!

Here's Ross... doesn't know what's about to hit him :)

First bite...

And the verdict was... YUM! So we kept on going with the carrots and he ate almost the whole 2.5 oz jar. There were only like three bites left in the whole jar.
Ross wasn't even "that" messy... he ate them so good. He has, however, had carrots for three nights now though and he has gotten messier each night :) but he still likes them a lot!

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