Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Day at Home...

Our daycare is closed today so the little two (L2 as we now call them in texts) are home with me. This is a work from home day for me so I actually did have a conference call and need to stay close to my computer for the most part. Here are some random parts to our day...

I had an important call at 9 so Russ took Ryan out to Independence with him. They went and picked up a bench weight set for the garage. We are "working" on an organization plan out there that includes a new refrigerator, shelving, an area for working out, and some open space for Reid to roller blade and shoot (hockey pucks). We have the space - we just don't have a good solid plan yet - but we're getting closer. Finding the time to put the plan into action is more of an issue ;)

Ryan was really good for Russ. He got chocolate milk and a cookie on the trip out. Then Russ got called into work so took Ryan with him and he scored a snack size bag of m&m's from the candy guy (Ed) at Russ' work. After Russ fixed the server issue they stopped on the way home and Ryan got some gummy bears and brought me some hershey kisses since I've been sick (so sweet! how could I resist?).

Ross has played quite a bit today - he's such a happy guy. He is getting really stable in his exersaucer and I can tell it's going to be a hit in the next month.

Ross does not nap well at home - I think his room is too light. So after a short morning nap he was getting kind of crabby so I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - which both Ryan and Ross like... Yep, Ross will lay and watch it - he's picking up on tv early just like Reid did! (Ryan has only come into liking tv in the last couple of months)

When he got sick of Mickey and wouldn't sleep in his bed, I ended up letting him nap in his swing - just as he fell:

Ryan has played really well... but my living room is DESTROYED. And these pictures are from an hour ago - it's gotten even worse since then.

Ryan picked out his jammies last night - can you tell? Batman flannel shirt and Bob the Builder cotton pants. And hand down the back of his pants scratching his butt... all he needs now is a beer in his hands :)

ps - Happy Birthday Grandma Cella - I hope you are ready for this wrecking ball crew next week!

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