Saturday, March 27, 2010

More about MOM

Wow, I like this writing about me stuff. :) This weekend I ran the inaugral Rock the Parkway 10K (5k and half marathon also available). I didn't feel like I was ready for the half marathon and I'd never ran a 10K before so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm still riding the high from the day. The event was incredible and I felt like I did the best I could have done for MY race. I tell myself that many times during the first couple of miles... "Run your race." As many people are taking out much faster I have to remind myself to stay within the pace that I have planned so I don't burn out too quickly. I started slow, ran MY race, and finished very strong. I clocked my time as 1:03:35 with the following splits (10:53, 10:41, 10:16, 9:59, 9:58, 9:19).

My Top 10 Observations from the Rock the Parkway 10K:

10 - Running in the rain is not half as bad as standing in the rain.

9 - Running in the rain would be better with a hat... next time think of a hat ;)

8 - I already knew it... BUT... it is confirmed - I LOVE to talk when I run. I really need a running partner that runs my pace!

7 - I like the 10K distance. I didn't feel like I needed to push my pace like in a 5K and the distance wasn't so long that it was as daunting as a half marathon.

6 - I get a big rush from spectators along the race course cheering us on. There were very few spectators out today (I'm sure due mostly to the rain) but each time I saw one and they cheered I got a bit more energy. Some day I'd like to run one of "the" races that have spectators along basically the entire course. AND I'd love to see my family there cheering me on as well!

5 -While the steady rain during the entire 10K didn't bother me much, the pouring rain as I was driving home made me glad I wasn't still out doing the half marathon.

4 - My favorite shirt that I spotted during the run "It was either this or play on facebook."

3 - Rock the Parkway was the most organized race or event that I have ever run! It was sooo smooth from registration, to packet pick-up, to the start and finish of the race.

2 - The post-race activities were awesome... ok, the FOOD available was... rolls, bananas, popcorn, milk (white and chocolate), smoothies, AND hamburgers on a bun covered in aluminum foil! I think I probably ate just as many calories as I burned :)

1 - Yes, almost all of these ran through my mind while running... See item #8.


Anonymous said...

You make me jealous that I am lazy and don't run! Love your favorite sister, Cheri

Anonymous said...

I will run with you! We should pick a 10k to do together. I think your 10k pace would be the same as mine. Suzanne