Monday, May 3, 2010

Loving the bathtub...

Ross is starting to sit up with more stability and for longer and longer periods of time. I've switched his infant bathtub to the toddler side and he loves to take a bath sitting up where he can see the water and splash in it. The other night I put him in the sink so he could splash around. He LOVED it... well, until mom let the slippery guy fall forward and knock his head on the sink! "Bad Mom" (as Ryan would say). Unfortunately Ross was having so much fun that Russ had just got the camera out to capture the cute pictures and was able to capture evidence (on video nonetheless) of mommy letting Ross bang his head on the sink :(

Here's some much better pictures to end the post with:

See the bump on his eyebrow :(


Suzanne said...

I love the video - even if he is crying. Don't you love that you can post video to your blog?

Taylor_Jo said...

You have the cutest little boys in the world!!