Monday, May 3, 2010

Ryan at school

I've been meaning to post these pics and didn't get around to it. Last Monday (May 3) Ryan got to go to high school. He was invited by Dani (Beth's son's girlfriend). He was very excited and wanted to pack his back pack and talked and talked about going. I was afraid that he would get nervous and back out at the last minute but he did not. He hopped right in the car with Dani's mom and she took him up to the school. They did a theme on bears. He made a bear with moving arms and legs, a bear mask, and a couple of other crafts. They got to eat gummi bears for a snack and he had a great time. Dani said that he did great and Ryan was very talkative about all that he did and all the fun that he had. I was pleased that he did so well and had so much fun!

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