Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Walk

I had the pleasure of walking the Mother's Day 5K with my mom this year. She came down the night before and watched the little guys for us and then stayed the night. It's really amazing how much becoming a mother makes you appreciate your own mother so much more. I guess you don't really understand the sacrifices that moms make until you are making them yourselves. And while I know and understand that a mom would not have it any other way, I wish that I let my mom know more often how much we appreciate all she does for me, my family, my sisters and their families, and our extended families. We love you so much Mom!

Reid - At this time last year you were just learning to ride your bike without training wheels, we were starting to think about you being a kindergartner and planning our summer trips and time at home. You have grown SOOO much this year. I often tease you that you are getting too tall and I am going to stop feeding you. We rarely talk to you about cleaning your plate or eating a good dinner anymore. You are just mature. You eat well, you have pretty decent manners, and you are a great friend. You are becoming independent in so many ways. One of the things about you that I am really proud of is that you play with anyone and everyone and you will include anyone that is around. Most days you even allow Ryan to tag along and play with you and your friends. You have a genuine sincerity about you and it makes me proud. You are a nice kid and people just like to be around you. You were our first and we have always been so proud of you. I love you more than you think I do (you like to tell us that at bedtime).

Ryan - You are so often the end of a lot of our jokes around the house as you are certainly your own person. On most days you prefer to do your own thing, play with your own toys, make your own schedule and you are just fine. You do not like to be forced into doing anything that you don't feel like doing - heading out the door, changing up schedules, etc. You thrive on rituals and schedules. If I mention that we might skip a bath for a night you get upset and say that you can't go to bed dirty. You know what we typically do at what time and you like to stick to it. You look up to Reid a lot and always ask what Reid is doing or what Reid wants so you can pick the same thing. You love Ross so much and you tell him that about 100 times a day. I can already tell that you two are going to have a very special bond. You are going to be a great big brother as he gets older. You are a very smart little guy and you pick up on things very quickly. You are usually listening to everything going on around you and figure things out even before we know you are paying attention. You can be a real cuddle bug when you want to... most of our babysitters always tell us how much you like to cuddle. I need to spend more one on one time with you because you always thrive in those times. I love you so much!

Ross - Last year you were in my belly and we didn't know much about you. We didn't know if we were having another boy or girl. We would soon be hoping and praying that everything would be all right and you would be born healthy. You are here now (as healthy as can be) and you have filled our home with so much more love and happiness. We often speak about how you are the happiest baby ever. You always have a smile on your face, you wake up in such a great mood, and you are always happy to see your mommy. We are on the go a lot and you just go with the flow. We can take you pretty much anywhere. I wasn't planning on taking you to the 5K walk this weekend but decided to at the last minute. I took you, without breakfast, and you just rode along in the stroller not making a peep. You had wide eyes most of the time watching all that was going on and you slept a little too. You talked in the car to grandma all the way home and then ate breakfast when we got home. What an easy going guy!!! I can't wait to spend many more Mother's Days with you.

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