Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time has just been ticking on by...

Ross turned 7 months old on Monday. Doesn't 7 months sound soo much older than 6 months? I guess it's because he's closer to 1 now than he is to his actual "birth" day. Ross continues to be the happiest kid we've ever seen. He smiles ALL the time. We joke around that he's just as "grumpy" as ever. He is sitting up on his own now. He puts everything into his mouth and is drooling like crazy but he shows no signs of any teeth coming right now. (but he is going to Grandma Cella's for the weekend which means he'll either get sick or get a tooth - always happens!)

As evidenced by his 7 month pictures below - he sure likes his food!! He's growing like a weed, only not getting taller :)

We took him to Reid's back to back soccer games last weekend and I had the stroller with the shade cover and a hat on him but then he fell asleep sitting on my lap and I left him without thinking so he got a sun burn on his arms. Bad mom move #3. At least I've documented all of them so he can use them against me in the future.

Here are a lot of pictures from his 7 month afternoon - he was having so much fun (but I was slightly afraid he was going to go off the chair head first several times).
Everything into his mouth:

We are in sippy cup training right now. He likes to chew on it but hasn't figured out how to drink just yet. My goal is to get him used to a sippy cup by June 24th. Our family is going to the cabins again and I want to be able to give him drinks of water if it is very hot.

Evidence of my poor baby's sunburn (although the pics make it look much worse than it actually was:

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