Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3 - The BIG day

We woke up pretty early on Sunday (7ish) and ate some breakfast and helped get things ready for the graduation party. Then Gregg took Russ, Ryan, and I out to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The park was about 30 minutes away but Gregg stopped at a gas station and treated Ryan to M&Ms, Mike & Ike's, and Twizzlers. It sure didn't take him long to find the way to Ryan's heart. Reid decided to stay home with Meryl and Simin to play Playstation, legos and hang out.

At the park we stopped and saw a Prairie Dog area and several overlooks. We kept trying to find buffalo but they didn't seem to be out. After we had spent enough time at the park and really needed to get back to leave for graduation, we started to leave the park. That's when we ran across a buffalo that had just crossed the road and stopped to get a few more pictures.

Russ absolutely loved the park and said that if we make it back that way he wants to drive through the whole thing (I think another 16 miles he said).

A prairie dog...

Just beautiful...

I was talking around and playing with Ryan while dad was shooting the pictures. Don't be fooled - we didn't get him to pose... we're just tricky - and dad's pretty good with the camera:

Awesome picture dad... cute boy, awesome view:

Gregg took our picture for us:

Oh, and we saw some wild horses:

Here's the buffalo, you can see how close to the road it is:

Here's another better picture of the buffalo. This one was actually pretty small:

As soon as we were done at the park, we rushed home to get ready for Ross' graduation. The ceremony was about an hour and 15 minutes. Ryan was quiet but pretty fidgety. At one point in the ceremony he was laying flat under his chair and accidentally kicked the lady's foot sitting in front of us. Sitting still does not come easy for Ryan! We waited until we saw Ross cross the stage and get his diploma (with HONORS) and then Russ took Ryan out of the gym.
Reid and Ross immediately after the ceremony:

Funny picture because Reid and Simin really bonded while we were out at the park. When we were leaving the ceremony he refused to walk with me, he wanted to hold hands and walk home with Simin.
Ross lives across the street from his high school so we walked back to his house and took a few more pictures in the driveway. The McDowell's with Rosss:

The Kovacs family (Grant, Simin, Ross, Meryl, and Gregg):

Later that evening Ross had his open house party and we got to meet a lot of his friends and family. Ryan melted down shortly after the party started so Russ took him and Reid in the house and got their pajamas on and hung out with them for a while. Once they were both asleep I switched places with him and Russ joined the party. You could definitely tell who had Kansas blood and who had North Dakota blood. I had already put on a jacket, switched to long pants and put on shoes and socks before while Gregg and Ross were both still in short sleeves and shorts. ha ha!
It was a great night and we are so happy for Ross and proud of his accomplishment.

Side note: Ross was actually also drafted last Tuesday to the NAHL Motor City team. There was a nice article in his hometown paper which you can read here:
This is a great step for Ross and we're all excited to see what comes of this (if the team ever calls).

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