Monday, June 14, 2010

Ross is a foodie. And by foodie I mean that he likes his food... NOW! Once he gets in his high chair I have to work pretty hard to entertain him or feed him nonstop. When he is hungry he will take a bite and then scream immediately for his next bite. He'll finish off his first jar of babyfood in a few minutes flat. I've been trying to find things to keep him entertained a bit longer. We've tried the baby puffs and cheerios but he can't quite pick them up yet so I have to feed them all to him one by one - which really doesnt' buy me much time if I'm trying to make dinner.

So, I bought a new gadget this weekend. I'd seen them before but never tried it with the other two boys. My mom used it at her house for Tucker and thought it was pretty neat. It's a self feeder for babies. You can put fruit, veggies, meat etc into this mesh bag and then they can suck on it and eat it without choking.

We tried Ross' out on Sunday with nectarine. He liked it a lot!! He sucked on it for quite a while but then got mad about something. I changed out the nectarine with some new fresh nectarine and he didn't want it back. I took that out and put in some banana and he was still mad. He was using both hands to push it away from himself. I'm not sure what made him mad but I put it up and figured we'll try it again in a couple of days.

Ryan had never had nectarine before but he finished the rest of the nectarine off and really liked it. Reid tried a very small piece but said that he didn't like it.

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