Monday, June 14, 2010

A quick trip to Holton

I wanted to get these pics up Friday but just ran out of time. Thursday night Ross and I went to Holton for a real quick trip to help my sister out. My nephew, Brenner, had gone to the emergency room in Topeka in an ambulance (he's just fine now) after a car accident and my sister had rode in the ambulance with him. So, they were in Topeka with no car and needed a ride home. I picked up Ross from daycare and we went to get them and take them home. After we dropped Carrie and Brenner at their house I swung by my mom's to feed Ross and let him play a little. He was SOOO happy to see her and play. I'm pretty sure he missed his grandma!! He was open mouth kissing, bouncing and smiling all over the place.

Mom still had a kid at her daycare so we went inside to let Tucker and Ross play together. Tucker is almost one year old and HALF the size of Ross. He acted very afraid of Ross... I think he was afraid he might eat him.

After Tucker had left and Ross had eaten some dinner we went outside again and Ross rode on the teeter totter for a while.

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