Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess who hit 20 pounds...

So, I posted how Ross loves his food. We've been noticing that he's getting heavier and heavier lately so last night I decided that I would weigh him. Russ and I both weighed ourselves holding him and then weighed ourselves not holding him. I had to have Russ do it because I didn't believe my math.... 20.6 pounds!!! Our carseat is only good up to 22 pounds.

Ross loves bathtime so I took the opportunity after bathtime last night to get some shots of him. Check out the thighs :)

Ross is trying to pull up on stuff already! He loves to try and pull up in the bathtub and was here on my leg. This morning he tried to pull himself up on the dishwasher while I was emptying it and got a nice little bruise on his forehead.

Reid came in to play with Ross as I was taking some pictures so I got some of him too. He is so big and mature now - and just the greatest kid. He gets in trouble here and there but he is a pleaser so he self corrects very quickly. Yes, it's summer and he has on a winter housecoat. His cousin, Scottie, handed it down to him and he absolutely loves it! He wears it EVERY night after bath and every morning when he gets up.

I was sneaky and snuck a couple of pictures of Ryan. He had a very rough day yesterday so these pictures were actually after an early evening hour and a half nap. He was in a much better mood and still went to bed just fine. He has REALLY grown in the last couple of months - I'd guess at least an inch or two. He has thinned out and has a pretty decent tan already... such a cute little booger!

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