Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our final leg

We woke up early Tuesday morning to get on the road. We knew that we had a longer drive than we had originally planned and we still had to manage to pick up Baby Ross and get home in time for Reid's baseball game. I was supposed to have a dentist appt at 4:00 but I went ahead and cancelled that. We decided we would switch highways in Omaha and go up through Holton and get Ross before heading home.

This is what I woke up to Tuesday morning around 5:30:

Our hotel had a pretty decent breakfast buffet so we hit the buffet right at 6:00 when it opened and then we hit the road for our final leg of the drive. The first couple of hours went pretty smooth but then Russ and I were both getting kind of tired. We made a couple of gas station stops. We switched drivers a couple of times. We ended up stopping in Nebraska for a game of tag again and got some energy back.

We made one stop because Ryan said he had to poop. When I asked him if he was done he said, "Yes, I'm done. I'm going to have a big poop on Friday." Hmm... not sure why but then he told Russ - big poop on Friday. At least it gave us a good laugh.

We got to Holton around 1:00ish and spent about an hour hanging out and packing up Ross' stuff into the van. I'm not sure if he was ready to leave grandmas but we were happy to be taking him home.

We got to Overland Park around 3:45, unpacked the van and started laundry. Reid was saying that his stomach hurt and didn't want to play baseball. He'd had nothing but junk to eat since breakfast so I suggested he eat something. He had two huge bowls of applesauce and some lunchables and felt better and ready to play. Ross, Reid and I got back in the van at 5:00 to head to Reid's baseball game. Reid played his best game yet. He had a great hit up the middle, played 2nd base the first inning and 1st base the second inning. He was very into the game. After the game we had to stop at Wal-Mart because grandma had all but run out of formula. We got more formula, some groceries and birthday gifts for the two parties Reid has this week and went home. We got home after 8:30 and I put Ross in bed while Russ gave Reid his shower. We finally got both boys in bed around 9:30. It was a long day and I still felt all day today like we had just gotten home and were right back in the swing of work, etc but looking at the pics and blogging about our weekend makes me so glad that we took this time and made these memories - we had such a great trip!

Thanks Grandma Cella for watching Ross so we could take this trip with the older two.

A very special thanks to Gregg, Simin, Grant, Ross, and Meryl for welcoming us into your home and showing us around. We had such a great time and really hope that we'll be able to return some day.

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