Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

We are very blessed to live within a few miles of Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. On Labor Day we went over for a couple of hours. We bought a family pass this year and haven't actually been because the heat was usually too much for Baby Ross. The weather on this day was perfect. Our pass included some free fishing poles, goat food, drinks, and pony rides. Reid was REALLY wanting to go fishing. Typically you can throw a handful of food in the pond and at least 20 fish hit the surface fighting for it. On this day we threw a handful of food in first and it just sat there. Uh oh. Daddy was nice enough to put the worms on the hooks for the boys and let them give it a try but we didn't have a single nibble. Ryan drug his all through the water and all over the ponds edge so the only fish he would ever catch would be the fastest fish alive... but Reid did well, was very patient - but no luck. We really only sat there for MAYBE 10 minutes but fishing and patience really isn't this mom's thing (I know, you all are shocked, right?). We quickly moved on to other activities. We still had a lot of fun and hopefully we'll find another nice weather day to make it back and use some more of our free passes.

Dad baiting Reid's hook:

Ryan fishing:

Reid fishing, not so happy that none are biting:

A rare moment of sitting still:

Ross sitting with mommy while the older boys fished with dad:
When we first went in the goat pen he was going from goat to goat only giving them all a small sip of milk and then yanking the bottle away and going to another. He thought that he had to feed all of them :) We finally convinced him that there were plenty of people to feed the other goats and he could pick one and give that goat his whole bottle.
Ryan feeding his goat:
Walking around feeding goats:

Ross thought the goats were pretty fun too, after her figured out the bottle wasn't for him:
Reid's an old pro at feeding the goats:
Ross with his daddy... if he sees him, he wants him:
Ross grabbing Russ' ear like he does all the time! We were having such a good time. Ross' shirt says "Chicks Dig Me." I love this pic!
All done:

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