Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I thought I'd share a glimpse of life in the McDowell house lately. Brace yourselves!

First, this is Ryan. Yep, he NEVER slows down or walks anywhere. He runs, jumps, talks nonstop.

This is Ryan singing/saying "celebration" over and over and over... like 100 times last night - I'm guessing Beth had a disco at her house yesterday. No clue! It's just background noise with him - I learn to tone it out. And yes, that's my phone ringing in the background... between becoming the Housing Coordinator for the hockey team, Reid breaking his arm, and trying to stay in touch with people - my phone rings NONSTOP... literally. Or at least beeps from text messages. My battery is almost always dead and last month I went over my allotted minutes by the tune of about $60 :( eek.

Second, this is Ryan with Ross. Yep, Ryan is becoming his boss... you know, just like how he hates that Reid does it to him. I see a pattern here.

This is Ross. He's nonstop and not quite walking. But he can pull up and hold onto anything. He can crawl anywhere he wants to go and fast. He still low crawls but I think that's just his crawl... did you see his belly? Who could get up on all fours to actually get that thing off the floor anyway? Oh, and I have a thing for patterns today - notice someone else that's starting to talk nonstop. I hope when we go to San Diego in a few weeks that Russ doesn't feel like talking... I'm looking forward to QUIET!

Oh, and did I mention these pics of Ross in his pj's were taken around 5am? Yep, he decided at 4am that he was up for the day. To recap my night... I went to bed around 11pm. Reid was up from 12 - 2 in our bed. I dozed off and on but finally sent him back to his bed at 2am. Ross got up at 4am. Um.. yeah, I'm tired. I hope I can muster up the energy to get to the gym tonight!

I got Ross dressed and ready for daycare by about 6:15am... Ryan woke up shortly after and we were sitting in Beth's driveway before 7am waiting for her to open :)

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