Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Reid - Number 7!!

My boys just keep getting bigger and bigger! I'm way past the fact that Reid is not my baby anymore. Reid has always been a mature little boy, always VERY articulate. He was speaking in sentences before he was even TWO! But somehow, I continue to have him froze in my mind at a certain point in time... around 3 or 4 years old I think. Like these pictures:

But my little articulate boy is not so little anymore. He likes to remind me that he's about as tall as my chest now. He's not only articulate but he READS very well, spells very well, and comprehends so much! He is STILL such an awesome kid. He is so understanding, mellow, easy going. He understands when his priorities aren't always number one in our family and he doesn't get upset when things aren't always perfect. He rolls with the punches. However, he is a sensitive guy.... a pleaser. He does not like to be in trouble and usually a stern voice or a stern look is plenty to get him back to trying to mind if he is mis-behaving. He is certainly not perfect, he's a TALKER and can be quite silly. He's gotten in trouble at school for talking when he's not supposed to be.

Here's an updated picture of Reid with a turtle that he found with Russ:

Here are a couple from his birthday party. It was a CRAZY day so we didn't get a lot of great pictures but these are the best:

And here are a couple of pictures of Reid in his Tiger Scout uniform before his first meeting. He is VERY excited to be in Tiger Scouts and loves his shirt and badges. I'm not sure if he truly understands what Scouts is just yet. As we walked into the information night he was telling another little boy that he was pretty sure they were going to shoot some bow & arrows that night. Unfortunately, they didn't... but they did have fun. And then they played kickball at the first meeting after the information night so I do think he is having fun... but he wants to shoot a bow & arrow soon :)

An update on Reid's arm:

We saw ortho last week and his new bone is growing in nicely. You can still see the broken spot in the x-rays but you can also see the new bone growth. He no longer has his immobilizer (and therefore now has TWO arms through his shirt- YEAH!) and is using both arms for every day tasks. He has two more weeks of no contact sports and then he can resume full activity. We will go back to ortho in two weeks for one last check but he won't even have new x-rays done at that time. The first day without his immobilizer he was guarding his arm pretty well and not using it as often as the other but each day he is using it more and more and he doesn't have any pain associated with it.

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