Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Night Night Blanket

The other night after baths we were just playing on the floor in Ross' room. Ross was playing with his toys and Ryan started playing with him. They were having a really good time.

Ryan was helping Ross string together all of his links and teaching him how to do his shape sorter.

Ross eventually got bored playing (or sick of being bossed) and started to motor through his room pulling up on everything. He was standing up pushing his swing around for a while...

And playing with the toys that go on the tray of the swing.

But then he got tired... He crawled over to his bed, pulled himself up and pulled his "night night blanket" through the rails and started sucking his thumb like he was going to go to sleep.

He's done this the last couple of nights that he's been playing in his room now. Tonight his "night night blanket" was down in the living room when I put him to bed. I tried to lay him in his bed to go and get it and he immediately started crying. I went in his room, handed him his blanket... and in the thumb went and he went to bed. I guess ALL of my boys now have a special blanket for sure!

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