Monday, December 20, 2010

Countdown updates

No great pictures, no big stories.

Friday - Make treat sacks for Beth's daycare Christmas party. The boys are having their Christmas party at Beth's daycare on Monday so we colored Christmas coloring pages to cut out and put on their treat bags. They really enjoyed coloring - it lasted more than an hour! We ended up putting two Clementines, a Hi-C, and a bag of m&m cookies in each sack. I let the boys fill them and then when we were packing them up I noticed one sack was really heavy - it had SIX Clementines in it (Ryan's work). I was putting groceries away and never got back to inspect the others closely so I hope the rest were all equal ;)

Saturday -Go eat at Chuck E Cheese. Saturday night Russ was at the rink scorekeeping for the Russell Stover U16 games and I had the boys. I was struggling with energy levels all weekend and trying not to complain about it. SO... rather than sit at home and feel lazy - I decided to take ALL three boys to Chuck E Cheese solo. Seriously! Actually, it went REALLY well. The boys listened well, ate fantastic, and had a ton of fun. I gave Reid three or four tokens at a time to go on his own to play games and then he checked in when those ran out to get more. It happened that a lot of girls from his class were also there for a birthday party. Luckily we had gotten a table in the sectioned off toddler area and Ryan was pretty happy in there most of the time. When he wanted to go play a bigger game, Ross and I just went with him. Ross kind of just hung out the whole evening until the last 20 minutes and then he REALLY got into playing. He was climbing up the toddler slide and sliding down head first. After TWO hours of playing I told them that it was time to go. The older boys got their coats on and listened really well. Ross - he threw a fit screaming and threw himself down because he didn't want to leave.

Sunday - Watch Polar Express. Sunday morning Reid had a hockey game at 6:50 so after getting up so early it was a lazy day at home. During afternoon naptime we cuddled up and watch the Polar Express. Reid had seen the movie before but neither Ryan or I had. The boys laid pretty well and watched the movie.

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