Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Closer to Christmas

For weeks now Ryan has been obsessed with the man that stands on the corner holding a sign for the Hot and Ready $5 pizza at Little Caesars. He's upset if the man is gone or if he doesn't see him and he asks tons of questions about the guy. He's been asking if we could get pizza from "the pizza guy" for a while now. So, Monday night's activity was "Pizza from the Pizza Guy." Reid chose to stay home with Russ and Ross and Ryan and I went to pick it up. We drove up and said hi to the guy and took his picture - I'm sure he thought we were a little wierd but that's okay :) We did ask him first and he tried to talk Ryan into getting in the picture with him as well but Ryan was not okay with that. After we said hi to him we went over to Little Caesars and picked up the pizza and breadsticks and it actually wasn't that bad. 3 large pizzas, 2 orders of breadsticks... $20... and my family of SEVEN all ate and we had leftovers!

On Tuesday night Ryan had his last soccer practice. For the second week (out of 8 weeks) he had an absolute fabulous night! There were no tears, whining, special requests, or ANYTHING! We got there and he went out and played and listened ALL NIGHT long. I spent the entire time following Ross around and it was EXHAUSTING! He wanted everything (other kids' water bottles, trash on the floor, another kids snack, etc) and screamed if he didn't get his way so I'd have to pick him up and move him somewhere else. Ryan took each water break and ran back on the field before I even saw him. After the practice they all got medals and he is very proud of his.
When we got home from soccer it was time to do our calendar. Tuesday night's activity was to view the e-mail videos that the boys received from Santa Claus. They were a HUGE hit.
This was Reid's video.
And this was Ryan's video.
I HIGHLY recommend the PNP site to all of my friends with kids!

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