Friday, December 3, 2010

Missing husband and other fun stuff

I've been joking about it but I really think I'm going to open a missing person report. Has anyone seen my husband? He's around 5'9", 160 pounds (it's okay to hate him for that), short to no hair... anyway. His dirty clothes are appearing in the house and food is disappearing but he doesn't seem to be around this week. Monday night he had hockey, Tuesday night he had night class, Wednesday he worked until after 7pm, Thursday night he had night class... it's been a busy week!

Our house is a mess of projects right now. We've got two trees up but neither is decorated and we have no outside lights up yet (and this weekend is predicted to be COLD!). Last Sunday I got the idea to REALLY clean the boys' bedrooms and rearrange the furniture since I had gotten them new bookshelves. We got the furniture rearranged, the books sorted to the appropriate child based upon age, etc and the rooms vaccuumed. Then we had to leave to take Courtney to the airport and what I didn't get to were the toys. Ryan has a small pile on the floor of his closet, Ross needs some passed down to him for his new toy holder, and Reid... well his floor is COVERED with toys that need gone through. We could simply pick them up BUT they need sorted, weeded out, passed on - a job only a mom can do - but I can NOT find the time to do it.

So, with a missing husband and a list of projects... what do I do? I decided to add on to my list of projects. I sold our washer/dryer on Craigslist QUICKLY. I am finishing up as much laundry as I can today so they can be picked up tomorrow. The laundry room, half bath and front door are getting painted on Tuesday and then I need to find a new set to be delivered. I need to pick out which set I want, find paint colors... OH MY!

Oh yeah, and the point of this post... we're still doing our Christmas countdown every night. Last night our activity was to "Make Cookies." We made lots and lots of kinds. I think several batches could have spent a few extra minutes in the oven, probably due to the fact that we had several sheets in there at once. We had fun though. I forgot to get any pictures of the boys helping, but here are a couple of pictures of our results.

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