Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is it REALLY Wednesday already?

Well, not much to update today but I'm going to document our last two nights (without pictures) so I remember next year what worked and didn't work.

Monday night - I made the mistake of making a dinner that I should not make on a weeknight. It was great but it took quite a while and we ate late, etc. So, for the calendar we let the boys "Watch Wipeout, theater style." In our house that just means we pull the couch up close to the tv, dim the lights and let them have a snack in the living room while they watched a DVR'd episode of Wipeout. It worked, they really enjoy it... and I got some organizing in our bedroom done. Did I mention I have 100 different projects going on at my house? All three of the boys' rooms are clean, organized, etc and now I am working on our master bedroom. It really is a long process when I have to start/stop, fit it in, etc. Well, Monday night I worked on starting to pack away all of the scrapbook stuff that has accumulated in an effort to find a spot for my treadmill (news to come in 2011).

Last night (Tuesday) - we hurried home from work and took off immediately for Wal-Mart in an effort to beat the crowds. Our activity was "shopping for siblings." This actually went really well. We did not have the boys buy for us (parents) this year as we always struggle to find something at Wal-Mart that we both want or that they want to pick. Besides, each boy was now picking out two gifts so we had SIX gifts to try and hide in our cart while shuffling boys between parents. Russ took Reid first while Ryan and I did some grocery shopping. Then we met, stashed those presents under my coat in the cart and switched kids. Reid and I went to electronics while Russ took Ryan shopping in the toys. Then we met again, stashed those toys and Russ took the older two boys to the car while Ross and I picked out his gifts for Reid and Ryan (items the boys had pointed out to us while shopping for their brothers). I had right around 20 items with a few grocery items I had grabbed so we went through the express and Russ picked us up at the door. It went very well and the boys were very decisive and quick - and got each other great gifts that everyone will love.

Tonight - ????

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