Monday, December 20, 2010

Who has new shoes and likes to party?


Sunday I took Ross to get his first pair of shoes. To date he has only worn his Robeez (which, yes Grandma - we know you think they were ugly). They were functional, he needed something that kept his socks on, and he has chubby little feet. BUT now that he is walking EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING... it was time for REAL shoes. I took Ross to Stride Rite and he was a great little boy trying them on and walking around in them. We tried four or five different pair - he needed a 4.5 xw (yes, that's extra wide). The first pair he had on he acted like he couldn't walk and kept raising his leg like they were so heavy. He quickly got used to them and was all over the store. I eventually chose these for the versatility because at nearly $50 he only gets ONE pair.

After we shoe shopped, I took Ross next door to Blue Chip Cookies for a treat. The MINUTE we walked in he had his hand out doing his "I want" sign and yelling "aye yah, aye yah" or something like that. We were third in line and he did that over and over until he had his cookie. It was HILARIOUS and a little embarrassing.

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