Monday, May 30, 2011


On to Ryan... oh Ryan, where do I start? LOL. Ryan has really grown up a lot over the last couple of months - but he's still going 100 mph any time he is awake. That's just Ryan. He wakes up ready to go and he doesn't stop until he hits a wall - and then he is out to the world!

Here's a picture of Ryan at his last soccer game. FINALLY we got Ryan to play soccer and he's great at it! He has so much fun. The little boy in the background of the picture with dark hair is our neighbor, Andrew. I think getting on a team that Andrew was on really helped and Ryan had a great coach too. In the last game his team dominated the other team, 16 - 0, and Ryan scored 10 of the goals. I have a bunch of great videos from the game so I will do a whole other post on his soccer one day when I am at work (the videos upload faster there).

After we had such success with soccer, I signed Ryan up for tball. He was hesitant for a second at his first practice but then jumped right in and listened and participated really well. Here he is waiting in line (third from the back) to run the bases at practice.

He did really well in his game too. He started down really crouched down like the first picture but after a little coaching (and Russ had been working with him at home too)... he figured out the right 'ready' position. He was one of the most dynamic players on the team (shocking, I know). He got the ball several times and threw it to first base each time. His hitting could use some work but he did just fine. He was safe at first each time. The last picture shows his hit and him taking off to first.

Textbook ready position!! We showed him this picture a few times :)

This picture is just one we took one morning getting around... hair hadn't been brushed yet... but he was all for having his picture taken and I thought he looked so big!

Here is a great example of him hitting the wall. Several days a week he falls asleep on the way home from Beth's house and sleeps in the vehicle in the garage for a while and then we move him in to the couch where he typically stays completely passed out. He slept until 7 pm a couple of nights and then still went to bed around 8:30. When he's tired, he's done!

And lastly, this was actually just from last night. Hockey Ross, Reid, Ryan and I were watching some cartoon before bed time. We just got this cot out the night before and Ryan is really enjoying it. He's now slept on it beside his bed the last two nights. Here he has it in front of the tv in his most favorite tv watching position... yep, he's ALL BOY!

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