Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend... a visit from Hockey Ross

Ok, so this is over a week old now but I'll post it with pics and minimal words. Hockey Ross came back to visit over Memorial Weekend. Ryan was the most attached to Hockey Ross this trip. Reid was busy playing outside, etc but Ryan didn't want him out of his sight when he was home. He's REALLY missed him. (well, almost as much as Russ and I. Russ joked around about him being as excited as Ryan was).

The weekend went by way too fast but we had a great time. We made it out to Independence to watch him play twice, Russ and Ross went to a movie (Hangover 2), we went to our pool and we played in the back yard.

Ross - clearly didn't know how to pack for KS in May:

Ryan climbing out of the pool. The water was cold but it didn't seem to both Reid or Ryan:
Hockey Ross sitting on the edge playing with Ryan until Ryan started thinking about dumping the bucket of water on Ross:
Hockey Ross throwing dive rings for Reid:

Ryan chilling out for a while, didn't last long:

Later that day we were out back playing bubbles. Reid had a motorized bubble thing and Ross was trying to figure out how to use it but kept facing it backwards and blowing the bubbles in his face. We tried to show him how to blow on a wand but he just stuck it on his mouth... the kid ate a LOT of soap that day, but didn't seem to mind:

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