Monday, May 30, 2011

Updates on Reid

I have a lot of updates to do. I'm going to try and do them all this week... so stay tuned!

I'll start with Reid. He is officially out of school for the summer. Reid ended the school year on a pretty positive note. The month of May included only one 'yellow' day for Reid at school. His end of the year testing was phenomenal and he had a great report card. He scored a 4 in all of his subjects which in our grade card world means that he can complete all of the work without assistance. He also had an end of the year reading assessment on which he scored out at a QRI 5 level... basically, he's reading at a 5th grade level. His teacher approached me the week before school was out and discussed the possibility of testing him at the beginning of 2nd grade for the Qwest program (our school's gifted program)... now if only we could get him to listen and pay attention!

He did come home from school with a summer packet of activities to complete over the summer and was eager to check off 'read in the bath with a pillow.' We'll see if he's as eager to check things off in August...

Here are some pictures from Reid's field day that I took. They play games ALL day long and then have an assembly at the end of the day where the kids that raised a certain amount of money get to either be dunked or dunk someone in the dunk tank. Reid picked to be dunked by his teacher... which they both really enjoyed.

Reid also finished out hockey and soccer for the spring season. He's playing baseball right now and getting ready to start karate. On tap for the summer - he's got boy scout camp, swimming lessons, an enrichment class, and of course our family vacation.

This picture was from one of his last soccer games... isn't he getting tall?

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